Licheniferous chinchona, or Lichen Beetle with Hydroponic Cinchona Garden, 2005

Lucanus cervus, or Stag Beetle with Art Nouveau Lamp, 2005

Chrysina quetzalcoatli, or Jewel Scarab Beetle with Valkyrie, 2005

Chrysolopus spectabilis, or Botany Bay Weevil with Sextant, 2005

Dactylopius coccus, or Cochineal Beetle with Nopales and Heat Lamp, 2008

Agathidum cortezi, or Miller and Wheeler Slime Mold Beetle with Mast of Spanish Galleon, 2008

Peltodytes disperses, or Crawling Water Beetle with Wave Anchor, 2008

Lyttia vesicsatoria Linnaeus, or Spanish Fly Beetle with Beer Helmet and Garnish, 2008

In Search of a Myopic’s Leitmotif; Taxonomy Sketches
Drawings 1 - 4 in Collaboration with Ryan Taber, Machine Project, Los Angeles, 2005
Drawings 4 - 8 in Collaboration with Ryan Taber, "Damaged Romantics" at the Blaffer Gallery, Houston TX, and the Grey Gallery at NYU, NY, 2009