Selected Exhibitions

2023   ICOSA; Upwelling, Austin, TX

2023   Sam Houston State University Gallery; Glossolalia, Huntsville, TX

2021    The Contemporary Austin, Crit Group; Facing Eachother, Austin, TX

2021    Northern-Southern, TOOO, Austin, TX

2020    grayDUCK Gallery, Crit Group 2020, Austin, TX

2019    Co-Lab Project, Texas Toast, Austin, TX

2019    Big Medium, Fairly Intense, Austin, TX

2019    Hot Pants Collective, Birthday Birthday Birthday!, Austin, TX

2019    Republic Square Park, The Yellow Wallpaper, Austin, TX

2018     fd2s, group show, Austin, TX

2015     The Tang Museum, Machine Project—The Platinum Collection (Live by Special Request), Saratoga Springs, NY

2009     Grey Art Gallery, Damaged Romanticism: A Mirror of Modern Emotion, New York City, NY

2009     Parrish Art Museum, Damaged Romanticism: A Mirror of Modern Emotion, Southampton, NY

2008     University of Houston Blaffer Gallery, Damaged Romanticism: A Mirror of Modern Emotion, Houston, TX

2008     Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Against the Grain, Los Angeles, CA

2006     Pomona College Museum of Art, Yncke of the Medusa: The Machine Project’s Guide to Natural History and Social Sciences (in collaboration with Ryan Taber), Pomona, CA - (solo)

2006     Disjecta, Haunted, Portland, OR

2006     The Armory Center for the Arts, Bugology, Pasadena, CA

2005    Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Fresh, Los Angeles, CA

2005     Shoshana Wayne Gallery, No Man’s Land, Santa Monica, CA

2005     Machine Project, In Search of a Myopic’s Leitmotif (in collaboration with Ryan Taber), Los Angeles, CA - (solo)

2005     Chapman Guggenheim Gallery, New Sculpture, Orange County, CA

2004     Art Center College of Design, Garden Lab, Pasadena, CA

2004     Swell Gallery at the San Francisco Art Institute, Field Trip, San Francisco, CA

2003     Track 16, Emergence, Santa Monica, CA

2003     Los Angeles State Park at Big Oaks Lodge, Lodged In, Saugus, CA

2002     Detour Project Space, Sea Level, San Francisco, CA

2002     Chestnut Street Projects, group show, San Francisco, CA

2001     Detour Project Space, The Farallon Occupation (in collaboration with Ryan Taber), San Francisco, CA

2001     SOMARTS, group show, San Francisco, CA


Rings Chart, University of Texas School of Law, Austin, TX, Aquired 2010